[DWJ] Bristol Reader's Day : Part One, mostly about the Howl Workshop

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Jun 13 10:19:13 EDT 2006

I haven't been able to keep up with the sudden explosion in posts at 
all, but did manage to read the account of the Reader's Day.  Great 
report, Ven - thanks and sympathy too!  (To you and Matt both - and 
if this was the minor surgery around his birthday, that must be 
around now too - unless that was the other minor surgery.)

Hallie (also very much enjoyed meeting people at the - er, meet; 
wrote about it very briefly on LJ; spared a read of  _The Da Vinci 
Code_ long ago by a BookCrossing friend's negative review; saw and 
cried over Love Story, despite thinking 'Love means never having to 
say you're sorry' one of the *stupidest* ideas ever; avoided 
_Wuthering Heights_ like the plague, and (gasp, pant) glad to see Ika 
back here too.)

>Heroes and Visions, a Reader's day was held at
>Bristol University on the 10th of June. I would
>say a good 20 or so people had come to attend
>either the Howl's Moving Castle Workshop or the
>reading/question and answer session with Diana.
>There was also a panel discussion with all four
>of the featured authors, novelists Tessa Hadley,
>Andrew Taylor and Diana Wynne Jones and the
>historian Tim Cole.
>As far as I now I was the only current list
>member who went but I met several people from the
>live journal community. I'd appreciate it if
>someone could link this post to that community.
>It was a terrifically good day. I was taking
>notes throughout however my hands started
>cramping up so I will be relying somewhat on
>memory. particularly where I'm reporting on
>things Diana said, in the final session,  I hope
>you will all bear this in mind -- any errors will
>be mine etc.

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