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Charles Butler charlescbutler at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 13 09:11:35 EDT 2006

Juliette Curtis <juliette at harvestroad.com> wrote:
  > have flung Wuthering Heights across the room several times, usually 
around page 50. That's where the cook says something like "The site 
enjoys excellent diurnal ventilation." Why couldn't she say "It gets 
windy up here"? 
  I loved WH when I was aged 15, but have been afraid to read it since, lest I find that we've grown apart. I think that quote is evidence that Emily Bronte had been reading Wordsworth, don't you? The Lucy poem that ends up with her 'rolled round in earth's diurnal course/ With rocks and stones and trees'? Come to think of it, there's something of the same spirit in the novel's final lines about sleepers in a quiet earth. And just perhaps, by some roundabout root (sorry, route), that's where Heathcliff gets his necrophilia from...

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