[DWJ] Bristol Reader's Day : Part One, mostly about the Howl Workshop

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Tue Jun 13 09:01:52 EDT 2006

Ven wrote:

> The Howl Workshop came first. It was moderated by
> Jenny Pausacker, assisted by Ika Wilkes, a one
> time list member (and thoroughly lovely people
> they are too).


Once and present list-member, in fact - I've just rejoined on a wave of
DWJ joy inspired by the Readers' Day, which was indeed brilliant. I'll
post my notes to the list, but it won't be till next week, I'm afraid
(delayed marking from AUT boycott now has to be finished by Friday, and
I'm going away this weekend).

In the meantime, the link to the DWJ LJ community is thusly:


Direct links to the posts about the Readers' Day are:




Love, Ika

PS: It was splendid to meet you, Ven!


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