[DWJ] Titles (was London Meet)

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Mon Jun 12 22:05:51 EDT 2006

Otter wrote

> Oh, come on.  We talk about other books a lot.  I owe my reading
> of Bujold and Stephenson to this list, just to start with. 
Oh yes, this list is a great source of reading suggestions! I just 
thought the direction of this thread was funny.

> There's
> a great deal I haven't read, you understand.  I'm just trying to think
> who else I'd _boast_ about.... 

Yup. There's a great deal of literature that I just quietly don't 
mention not having read.

I did make it all the way through graduate school without reading some 
Great Classic Work of Linguistics that everybody was supposed to read, 
but since I can remember what it was, the boasting points at this date 
are severely limited.

-Margaret Ball

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