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Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Mon Jun 12 19:16:16 EDT 2006

Saggy bits, indeed!  _Good Omens_ is much better than _Tam
Lin_ and I'm a big fan of _Tam Lin_.

I haven't actually read all that much Gaiman, but I quite liked
_American Gods_.  I liked _Neverwhere_, too, but it's definitely

On Monday, June 12, 2006, at 10:29 AM, Elizabeth G. Holtrop wrote:

> Thanks for the suggestion!  I'll look for it when I'm next at the 
> library.
>   E.
> sally at sallyodgers.com wrote:  Elizabeth G. Holtrop writes:
>>   I haven't tried any of his books since then, but I have the feeling 
>> I  ought to give him another shot.
> Try Good Omens, which he co-wrote with Mr Pratchett, Elizabeth. It's 
> like
> Tam Lin by Pamela Dean... has some saggy bits but I love it.
> S

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