[DWJ] RE: Dwj Digest, Vol 10, Issue 18

Gill Othen gill at othen.fslife.co.uk
Mon Jun 12 18:23:07 EDT 2006

From: sallyo wrote:

>>By Gum, he could do it, too! (Who was Gum???) I guess he could throw a
Welsh accent? <<

My hero-worship is such I think he could do any accent - though I read
somewhere that he tried to do an Oz accent at a convention and was painfully

>>An English friend of mine met JM once. He had a streaming cold, 
which she managed to catch. She was honoured to share germs... and before 
you wonder, she's a lovely lady in her (I'd guess) 40s, a married, 
cat-loving, author of erotic lesbian fiction. Fair game for JM's charms? <<

He has an awful lot of adoring fans who are safely married and his own
generation. I know a fair few through livejournal who have met him and have
been as putty in his hands.

>>Who could play Sophie?<<

Somebody with real character acting skills, which rules out most of the
plastic Hollywood starlets. Jewel Staite perhaps?

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