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> Robyn Starkey writes:
> Thanks, Robyn!
> Mind you, I already have a cassette player, a mini-disc and a walking 
> Discman, so I was sort of hoping for one of those formats! My daughter 
> has an mp3 player and neither of us can work out how the heck to load 
> anything in to it legally! She paid for some songs on the 'net, and 
> the money went through, but the site just says blandly "you have 
> not...something or other".
> S
>> You can get lots of Nigel Planer's readings of Pratchett on 
>> (there's and

I got a bunch of Nigel Planer from Isis.  You probably can, too,
but they aren't cheap.

Since I stopped driving across Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois, I
don't seem to need them as much.  ;-)


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