[DWJ] Titles (was London Meet)

sally at sallyodgers.com sally at sallyodgers.com
Mon Jun 12 08:07:57 EDT 2006

Paul Andinach writes: 

> > 
> (Now that I think of it, I recall the wise advice someone once gave
> me, that finding a self-help book cheap at a jumble sale is a sign
> that it didn't help its previous owner. But I didn't at the time.) 
> Any suggestions what I should do with/to it? 
Bury it at the crossroads with a steak on it... (blood sacrifive)... or 
dedicate it to Morrigan. 

I've always thought "Do what you're afraid to do" was very stupid advice.  
Much of what we are afraid to do is either dangerous or illegal, anyway. 


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