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Mon Jun 12 05:02:02 EDT 2006

In <Pine.LNX.4.58.0606112220320.26841 at osprey.sccs.swarthmore.edu>, Kyla Tornheim wrote:
>On Sun, 11 Jun 2006 sally at sallyodgers.com wrote:
>> ODWJM... I've never fancied Homewardbounders because of the ending.
>I didn't read it for years because my mother warned me off, but did so by
>saying that the ending was *really sad* and *really upsetting* and she
>*really thought* I wouldn't like it, or would be too upset. And she
>honestly did think that, and so I didn't read it until my sister said,
>"y'know, there's a sad bit, but it's not crippling," so I read it and I'm
>glad that I did.
>I will note, however, that telling me *why* she thought I wouldn't like it
>worked much better than when my mother said, "oh, um, er, I don't really
>want you watching 'Dirty Dancing,'" or "no, you can't read the Nancy Drew
>books." Those worked really well, considering we had the former on tape
>and the latter lived in my sister's bookcase at the other end of the room
>we shared. (I was generally a good kid, but the lesson that I have learned
>is that you need to tell kids-like-me your reasons. Tell me it's really
>scary and it'll freak me out and I'll stay far away. ;^)

Gosh, you mean you'd advocate telling children the truth instead of just
telling them what to do?  It's rare enough for people to tell the truth
at all, let alone to children! 

One of the reasons I love DWJ's work is that she is *honest* with her
readers, and she doesn't pretend that everything can be
happily-ever-after when it obviously couldn't be.


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