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I think you can get them on tape, because they have been transferred 
from tape to the digital format, but they are harder to find and more 
expensive. I find the audible/iTunes combination is very easy, and 
audible has a number of formats for the downloads depending on your player.


sally at wrote:

> Robyn Starkey writes:
> Thanks, Robyn!
> Mind you, I already have a cassette player, a mini-disc and a walking 
> Discman, so I was sort of hoping for one of those formats! My daughter 
> has an mp3 player and neither of us can work out how the heck to load 
> anything in to it legally! She paid for some songs on the 'net, and 
> the money went through, but the site just says blandly "you have 
> not...something or other".
> S
>> You can get lots of Nigel Planer's readings of Pratchett on 
>> (there's and 
>> Pratchett's books are heaps more expensive than a lot of the other 
>> things on Audible, but if you subscribe (which costs about $20 US a 
>> month from the US site), then you get 2 credits a month, and that 
>> gets you 2 Pratchetts per month, which I thought was really very 
>> reasonable. They have some other great stuff, too. Unfortunately, 
>> from the Fifth Elephant on, the Pratchetts are read by Stephen Briggs 
>> and he really isn't anything like as good. Reads a bit too fast, for 
>> one thing. I am currently listening to Paladin of Souls which is read 
>> by an excellent woman.
>> This sounds like a huge ad, I know, but Audible is great. If you 
>> don't have an ipod, you can get a free ipod shuffle by subscribing, too.
>> Robyn
>> sally at wrote:
>>> Otter Perry writes:
>>>> Well, is I said in my first confession, I read it because I suspected
>>>> Mr. Pratchett had read it
>>> Have you heard Nigel Planer read MORT on the Isis recorded version?
>>> I WANT IT.
>>> ODWJM - I wish Mr Planer would read DEEP SECRET for me.
>>> S
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