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Sun Jun 11 23:22:54 EDT 2006

Now I have to go hunt up my Noel Streatfeild books!  I *lived* on  those when I was little.  Absolutely gobbled them up.  I was  lucky enough to have access to a public library that had almost  everything Streakfeild had ever written.  Bless my parents for  introducing me to fine literature!  Come to think of it, though,  they never introduced me to DWJ and I had to find her on my own after I  was all grown up.  I wonder if I missed anything from not having  read her as a child?  The books must seem different to children  than they seem to adults.

deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:  |By Gum, he could do it, too! (Who was Gum???) 

Great Uncle Matthew, guardian of the Fossil children, of course!

|I guess he could throw a Welsh

Well, at least as good as his English accent (which has led to
much amusing fanfiction explaining, in character, why his accent
constantly shifts).

Wes: "My gypsy curse sometimes prevent me from seeing the truth.  Oh, Buffy!"
Cordy: "Yes, Angel?"
Wes: "Oh, I love you so much I almost forgot to *brood!*"

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