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sally at sallyodgers.com sally at sallyodgers.com
Sun Jun 11 22:13:58 EDT 2006

Minnow writes: 

> Otter wrote: 
>>I think 'da Vinci' is widely recognized as the last name of a famous
>>painter, whether correctly or not.

It dates fromt hat period when surnames were coming in, doesn't it? There 
were odd things happening then. Fr-ex... a couple would carry new baby to be 

 - What name you this sprog?
 - Jenny.
Whereupon the official would nod and write; "Jane". 

 - What name you...
 - Peggy.
Whereupon he writes, Margaret. 

It worked in a kind of reverse, too. 

Couple present little girl sprog;
 - What name you...?
 - Patrick.
He writes, PATRICIA, 'cos he's educated, and it's a girl, but Mum and Dad 

Wizard Howl  (role/title + name)
Howell Jenkins  (first name + surname)
Sophie Hatter (first name + role/surname) 

Was Sophie's dec. dad really called "Hatter" or was that just his job? And 
what would Sophie become? Sophie Jenkins? Sophie Hatter-Wizard? 


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