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Robyn Starkey writes: 

Thanks, Robyn! 

Mind you, I already have a cassette player, a mini-disc and a walking 
Discman, so I was sort of hoping for one of those formats! My daughter has 
an mp3 player and neither of us can work out how the heck to load anything 
in to it legally! She paid for some songs on the 'net, and the money went 
through, but the site just says blandly "you have not...something or other". 


> You can get lots of Nigel Planer's readings of Pratchett on 
> (there's and Pratchett's books are 
> heaps more expensive than a lot of the other things on Audible, but if you 
> subscribe (which costs about $20 US a month from the US site), then you 
> get 2 credits a month, and that gets you 2 Pratchetts per month, which I 
> thought was really very reasonable. They have some other great stuff, too. 
> Unfortunately, from the Fifth Elephant on, the Pratchetts are read by 
> Stephen Briggs and he really isn't anything like as good. Reads a bit too 
> fast, for one thing. I am currently listening to Paladin of Souls which is 
> read by an excellent woman. 
> This sounds like a huge ad, I know, but Audible is great. If you don't 
> have an ipod, you can get a free ipod shuffle by subscribing, too. 
> Robyn 
> sally at wrote: 
>> Otter Perry writes: 
>>> Well, is I said in my first confession, I read it because I suspected
>>> Mr. Pratchett had read it
>> Have you heard Nigel Planer read MORT on the Isis recorded version?
>> ODWJM - I wish Mr Planer would read DEEP SECRET for me.
>> S 
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