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On Wednesday 10 May 2006 21:05, minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:

> Before I type out the actual figures, it ought to be pointed out that
> when this system was inaugurated to replace the Alpha, Beta plus,
> Beta, Beta minus and so on previous system, a ruling was clear and
> all the tutors accepted it: no mark below 25 nor above 75 would ever
> be awarded (which led the then Head of Department, who obDWJ was
> DWJ's husband John, to wonder aloud why the blazes they didn't mark
> from 1-50 and not mess about with 50 marks that were never to be
> awarded).  This ruling held for about fifteen years.  By the time I
> was reading for my degree, immediately after John stopped being the
> Head of Department, some of the newer tutors had decided to ignore
> that, and marks as high as 90 were awarded by them during the time I
> was there -- but only to students who wrote essays quoting those
> particular tutors' favoured texts and critics, used lots of
> buzz-words, didn't by any chance express disagreement with what the
> tutor had said in the tutorials, and in at least one case I read
> couldn't construct a sentence in English any more than that
> particular tutor could (he can't). This was a considerable handicap
> to those students who either didn't get on with those particular
> tutors, or were not interested in the units they taught and so didn't
> take those units as options in the second and third years: those who
> took units taught by the more traditional tutors never got a higher
> mark than 75, and this made it a great deal more difficult to get a
> First, because the degree was awarded on an average of all the marks
> for all the essays over the second and third years. 

I've just been rereading YotG and this rings a whole peal of bells.


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