[DWJ] Titles (was London Meet)

Jane Scarlett mail at janescarlett.com
Sat Jun 10 11:04:00 EDT 2006

>  I 
> didn't think it was much worse than other thriller books that I have 
> occasionally read. 

I'm embarrassed to say I don't agree here - I'm taking courage from 
confessing at the London meet that I enjoy some murder books, and I'm 
talking about them more than thrillers I think, but there's a big cross 
over.  There are some truly dreadful books around, but also loads of 
authors I would read again - Ian Rankin, Sara Paretsky, Kathy Reichs, ... 
erm.... I can't think of more now but there may be.  But the Da Vinci Code 
was appallingly bad - Martina Cole is the only thriller writer I've found 
who I disliked more, and that only because all the characters were so 
unlikeable as well as unbelievable.  

Jane Scarlett

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