[DWJ] Eastercon 2007

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Jun 9 19:37:34 EDT 2006

>Jennifer commented:
>> I was sorry to leave. Talking to fans is fun. I've never been a
>> congoer, but am seriously considering Eastercon next year.

and Philip asked:

>That's con-goer, not congo-er?

One could be both.  In fact you may have given me an idea for the Fringe
Programme, to go with the Mornington Crescent Tournament and the

>I agree totally.  Now I am no longer playing regularly on the church
>organ, I might manage it.  As organist, I had no hope of getting to an
>Eastercon!  I tried to get to Wincon the year of the eclipse (1999?
>yes.  Goodness, something that actually happened in 1999!)  I went to
>Devon for the eclipse, and then had to come home to play the organ at a
>friend's wedding instead of going to Wincon :-( :-( :-(  DWJ was guest
>of honour, too...

And a time was had.  It was a proper convention: the lift broke down.

Enough other people have mentioned the possibility of their going to next
year's Eastercon for me to feel inclined to point out that there's a


and I am told it even has membership forms and such on it.

Join early and often!  Bring your friends!  and so on.


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