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Fri Jun 9 19:29:51 EDT 2006

On Friday, June 9, 2006, at 01:21 PM, Charles Butler wrote:

> .... Geoffrey Chaucer's Ciphre of Leonardo:
>   And ther thurgh irene barres he sawe a man
> -for, ich sholde saye, accordynge to the plan
> Of Palais-Louvres securitee ful grete
> By cause of the alarum from lyne VIII
> Ther hadde ydropped a gate of muchel strengthe
> That trappid Saunierye yn that roomes lengthe.
> The man on thothir syde (art thou stille wyth me?)
> Was an albino, ful pale and straunge to se
> For nothynge striketh feere yn mortal soules
> Lyk to the pale! A boate ful of hooles
> Ich rather wolde thurgh sharke-rich watirs stere
> Than oones come to an albino neere!

Where did you find this? I'm not familiar with it.


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