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Sorry - the reply misfired first time!
  "Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC)" <Kylie.Ding at us.kline.com> wrote:
  >Aha, yet another non-reader of the da Vinci code is revealed.

  >I think the person perpetrating albino stereotypes here is actually Dan Brown.
  Indeed. And it's because albinos exist that it's worth pointing it up. Had Brown been having a pop at unicorns I'd probably have kept quiet. Having said which, I must admit (whether it's a defence or a confession I'm not quite sure in this context) that I've neither read the book nor seen the film, but took my cue from the posters and from Geoffrey Chaucer's Ciphre of Leonardo:
  And ther thurgh irene barres he sawe a man
-for, ich sholde saye, accordynge to the plan
Of Palais-Louvres securitee ful grete
By cause of the alarum from lyne VIII
Ther hadde ydropped a gate of muchel strengthe
That trappid Saunierye yn that roomes lengthe. 
The man on thothir syde (art thou stille wyth me?)
Was an albino, ful pale and straunge to se
For nothynge striketh feere yn mortal soules
Lyk to the pale! A boate ful of hooles
Ich rather wolde thurgh sharke-rich watirs stere
Than oones come to an albino neere! 

  I don't think he means it.

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