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Hi Sally,

Unfortunately I'm not in a great position to give you advice on this one,
as my mother and i have both been commissioned by Black Dog. Mum wrote
their very first trade books about 10 years ago, and has won a bunch of
awards for them, so they love her. Me, I'm just lucky. I suppose like any
publisher they are always swamped with manuscripts, and it's always hard to
pick out the gems (which I'm sure yours is!) from the slush. That said, a
year is a very long time...

Actually, I think Andrew just wrote something about it on his blog.


warning: it's a bit harsh.


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>> the Spanish translation of my mum's book, Garden of the
>> Purple Dragon.

Black Dog Books? If it isn;t a rude question (OK, even if it is...) how
did they keep her manuscript before replying? They've had one of mine for
over a year and counting...

Sally O.

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