[DWJ] London Meet

sally at sallyodgers.com sally at sallyodgers.com
Thu Jun 8 12:15:34 EDT 2006

Elizabeth G. Holtrop writes: 

> I'm pretty sure illustrators don't usually see the ms, even if they  wanted to.  I feel bad for the artists sometimes; surely they'd  like it if their pictures better matched the stories.  Then again,  some cover pics really look like the artist ought to find another  vocation.

Shudder. I have some REALLY magical pics for my upcoming picture book. The 
unicorn and centaur pics I've seen so far are actually addressing the 
muscles they'd need to support heavier-than-usual front ends. 

Have a look at http://sallyodgers.50megs.com/fantasticcreatures.htm if you 
like. There's a handsome green dragon for the cover, but I haven;t seen a 
finished pic of him yet. 


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