[DWJ] London meet

Jane Scarlett mail at janescarlett.com
Wed Jun 7 14:02:00 EDT 2006

Me too, me too....

I missed most people, because I was so late, but it was great to meet 
those who stayed on into the night - thanks to you all.  And particular 
thanks to Meredith, for Changeover, which I enjoyed more than I had 

At one point in the evening the conversation moved onto "when shall we six 
meet again..."  and various suggestions came for another meeting maybe 
next year.  

> > I was sorry to leave. Talking to fans is fun. I've never been a
> > congoer, but am seriously considering Eastercon next year.
> That's con-goer, not congo-er?

I've never been either myself (and lose ASWM at the conga, where I 
suddenly lose all sympathy and feeling for the characters:-)), but I agree 
about thinking of Eastercon next year.  I can see the meetings mailing 
list staying active:-)

Jane Scarlett

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