[DWJ] Recommend Matt's first Dwj

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 7 09:14:04 EDT 2006

My new(ish, after six months I guess the
relationship has earned an "ish") partner matt
has yet to read any Dwj. When I met him he was a
fan of Pratchett and had read some eddings and
the like. I got him reading the Vorkosigan Saga,
followed by Ronbin Hobb's Assassin. Liveships and
Fool trilogies (he has got to book 7). Yes, it
was something of a Sherherazade technique -- keep
coming up to stay and you can have the next book
a ha!! Anyway it's definitely past time he read
something by Diana, especially now he has met
some of you.

He says he likes to read books with magic,
especially wizards, war, not too much slush (ha
ha), assassins and quests. I can see a certain
book coming high on the list -- I'll see if
anyone agrees.

I got him to do which dwj character are you. With
all his own answers he was Todd From A Sudden
Wild Magic. With a few modified by me (me? the
kind of girlfriend who thinks she knows best?
Never!) he came out as Moril, which i feel gets
rather closer. Makes me wish even more than ever
that Moril didn't end up so unhappy.


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