[DWJ] London Meet

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 7 09:00:46 EDT 2006

Me and my partner Matt were two of the stragglers
who arrived late at the Plough. We made up for it
by being among the last to leave ;)

It was indeed lovely to meet so many of you (some
for the second time). Picking up where Kylie left
off: Meredith, Ania, Philip, Matt and I had some
tea  outside a little Italian place. Then we went
to an O'Neils on Shaftsbury Avenue to meet Jane
Scarlett, a late and welcome addition to the

I bought the copy of Drowned Ammet in Oxfam to
give to a friend of mine. In Forbidden Planet I
bought Charmed life to replace my fallen apart
copy and the final three in Barbara Hambly's
Benjamin January mystery series. In the Plough
Hallie delighted me by lending me a hardback of
the latest Martha Wells, conclusion to the Ships
of the Air trilogy

I know we did talk about books, even some of
Dwj's and about ourselves and some of us caught
up with what we'd been up to but the details
escape me rather. Just a great day in good
company, with books. 

Here is the url for my pictures, which Matt put
on a Flickr account for me. To leave comments you
have to be a member -- this is simple enough,
especially if you already have a Yahoo! account.


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