[DWJ] London Meet

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Tue Jun 6 10:02:39 EDT 2006

> I think some of DWJ's titles sound very cliched and work against the 
> books by putting off potential readers. "The Dark Lord of DerkHolm", 
> "Deep Secret", "Hexwood" and "A Sudden Wild Magic" all sounded to me 
> like dreary cookie-cutter sword-and-sorcery novels when I first saw 
> them in bookshops. 

Is it possible that some of these titles were dreamed up by editors 
rather than by DWJ herself? At least half my books have suffered a 
sudden wild title change on their way to the printers - but then, I'm 
only a midlist paperback writer. Not to mention being so notoriously bad 
at titles that my first agent once said, "Why don't you just call them 
Book1, Book2, etc.?" (a dangerous suggestion to make to a recovering 
math major!)

Cometothinkofit, I don't know how any of DWJ's more recent titles would 
sound without her name attached, because (like everybody else on this 
list, probably) I'm always waiting eagerly for the book to come out.  
But I do recall that "Power of Three" and "Eight Days of Luke" sounded 
interesting even before I knew how good they were!

And rambling on to the subject of titles in general, has anybody noticed 
a recent travel book called something like "1,000 Places to See Before 
You Die?" That's got my vote for Most Unappealing Title of the Century.

-Margaret Ball

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