[DWJ] London Meet

Juliette Curtis juliette at harvestroad.com
Tue Jun 6 03:35:06 EDT 2006

I think some of DWJ's titles sound very cliched and work against the 
books by putting off potential readers. "The Dark Lord of DerkHolm", 
"Deep Secret", "Hexwood" and "A Sudden Wild Magic" all sounded to me 
like dreary cookie-cutter sword-and-sorcery novels when I first saw them 
in bookshops. I bought these novels only because DWJ wrote them -- they 
did not appeal to me at all. In each case I found the book was very much 
more than its title and cover suggested and DS is now my favourite DWJ 
novel. I am sure that many people don't even take these books off the 
bookshop shelf because it sounds boring.

Interesting that DWJ should have made this mistake with several titles. 
She is so literate, perceptive and erudite, and clear-eyed enough to 
have written The Tough Guide. Perhaps she does not realise that there 
are many people who recognise a cliche but don't realise that she can 
turn cliches on their heads.

"Eight Days of Luke", OTOH, intrigued me immediately.

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