[DWJ] London Meet

Charles Butler charlescbutler at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 6 03:26:16 EDT 2006

  >Amongst other things we have been discussing title translations, and I 
complained about the strange covers that A Sudden Wild Magic and Deep 
Secret have in Germany. 
  In a different part of the same discussion, we wondered whether all DWJ's titles were really quite as effective as the books to which they were attached. Some of her titles are striking (Archer's Goon) or enigmatic (Fire and Hemlock) or clever (The Homeward Bounders), but a few are rather banal (Conrad's Fate). Nor are they all obviously commercial: how many more copies of 'Deep Secret' would have been sold, had it been titled 'Hotel Babylon'?
  What do other people feel about DWJ's titles? Do you have favourites, or the reverse? Do you have suggested alternatives that would make them either 'better' or more saleable? Or just bring out some of their hidden qualities?
  Charlie (who also enjoyed the London meet a lot)

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