[DWJ] London meet

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Jun 2 11:46:42 EDT 2006

Here's the potted summary from my blog
(http://shark-hat.livejournal.com/; you don't have to have a livejournal
to read it). A couple more thoughts follow.
People met: 13
People it was a pleasure to meet: 13
Plushy Calcifers met: 2
Meals eaten: 1
Foreign sweets consumed: 2
Conversations about food: 2
Conversations about art: 1
Conversations about books: 4
(Of which about DWJ books: 2)
Bookshops visited: 2
Books bought: Only 2, v.g.
Time had: good
Intentions of doing more detailed report for list this morning: good
Destination of road paved with good intentions: Well-known

Did anybody look like my mental images of them? Of course not. (One of
those moments when you realise that you've formed mental images to begin
The Museum wasn't bad as a place to meet- central, easy to find,
interesting in itself.
There kept being moments when both ends of the table were having
conversations I wanted to be in, which was frustrating! Or when a chat
would veer off into another direction and I wanted to pursue both at
once- oh, the benefits of online threading.
I was sorry to leave. Talking to fans is fun. I've never been a congoer,
but am seriously considering Eastercon next year.
(http://www.convoy.org.uk/ <g>)
I need a Calcifer...


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