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On Saturday 29 July 2006 09:45, Elizabeth Bentley wrote:
> On 28/7/06 06:11, "Irina Rempt" <irina at valdyas.org> wrote:

[pizza dough]

> > What
> > went wrong with yours?
> It was actually my husband making it and was extremely wet and gooey!

More flour would probably have solved the problem, or less water to 
start with. I was making some dough anyway so I measured: about half 
the weight of water to flour (half a pint of water for a pound of 
flour) makes a stiffish dough, and you can adjust it with some more oil 
and/or water if it's too stiff to handle.

Alternately, make half the amount of dough that you think you'll need, 
nice and gooey, then let it rise and knead it with enough flour to give 
it the right structure.


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