[DWJ] Prettybread maybe? (was Re: Pizza toppings)

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Sat Jul 29 06:09:10 EDT 2006

Bettina said...

>>>I recognised pretty-bread instantly from the description in TMC!  It's
>>>something that my mother has taken to making in the last couple of years
>>>(only I can't remember what she said it's called, though I think it 
>>>with F).  Anyway, it's basically a pizza base with things like halved 
>>>tomatoes and olives pressed into the top and a little goat's cheese 
>>>over, and then baked.
> Foccacia? Or Fougasse (sp?)

Foccacia!  That was the word!  Thank you.  Pretty-bread is foccacia.

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