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Emma Comerford emmaco at tpg.com.au
Thu Jul 27 17:36:06 EDT 2006

My sister doesn't eat much tomato sauce either, and she makes her pizzas 
with a satay base.

We tend to make our own pizza becuase it's such a nice easy meal if you buy 
the bases - anything we have in the fridge can go on. Although I only tend 
to have broccoli when I'm feeling guilty over lack of vegetables in the 
meal. Otherwise, it's just tomato paste, basil, olives, potato and capsicum.

Is Chicago style pizza a calzone? See this is why I love the list, I find 
out important stuff about the world :)


At 04:19 AM 28/07/2006, Elizabeth Parks wrote:
>The crust of the pizza is my favorite part, and if there's tomato sauce on
>the pizza, the only part of it I will eat.
>I like white pizza--when I was at St.Andrews I used to get a yummy white
>pizza with chicken and broccoli on it from a takeaway shop.  Ran into Prince
>William several times ;)
>And green pizza, or whatever you'd call it made with a basil sauce instead
>of a cream sauce.  And, honestly, with no sauce at all.  I can't stand
>tomato sauce, which rules out most pizza esp from takeaway places, so if I
>eat pizza it's usually homemade (not often) or from an actual sit-in
>restaurant, every now and then.
>Not that many restaurants in DWJ books, either, come to think of it.  Plenty
>of food, but people almost never eat out.
>ps--pineapple on a pizza is wonderful, but pineapple on kebabs is better.
>My parents are getting ready to move to Hawaii, where, depending on which
>island you're on (Oahu, for example, has tons of pineapple) you can get
>pineapple on everything.  My mom is half going for the pineapple ice cream.
>Weirdest pizza toppings I've ever seen: in Japan, you can get pizzas with
>mayonaise and chocolate.  Together.  But pineapple on pizza is not at all
>weird in New York, DC, or Boston.
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