[DWJ] Re: Pizza toppings

Elizabeth Parks henx19 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 14:19:10 EDT 2006

The crust of the pizza is my favorite part, and if there's tomato sauce on
the pizza, the only part of it I will eat.

I like white pizza--when I was at St.Andrews I used to get a yummy white
pizza with chicken and broccoli on it from a takeaway shop.  Ran into Prince
William several times ;)

And green pizza, or whatever you'd call it made with a basil sauce instead
of a cream sauce.  And, honestly, with no sauce at all.  I can't stand
tomato sauce, which rules out most pizza esp from takeaway places, so if I
eat pizza it's usually homemade (not often) or from an actual sit-in
restaurant, every now and then.

Not that many restaurants in DWJ books, either, come to think of it.  Plenty
of food, but people almost never eat out.


ps--pineapple on a pizza is wonderful, but pineapple on kebabs is better.
My parents are getting ready to move to Hawaii, where, depending on which
island you're on (Oahu, for example, has tons of pineapple) you can get
pineapple on everything.  My mom is half going for the pineapple ice cream.

Weirdest pizza toppings I've ever seen: in Japan, you can get pizzas with
mayonaise and chocolate.  Together.  But pineapple on pizza is not at all
weird in New York, DC, or Boston.

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