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Magic Lessons is the sequel to Magic or Madness, by Justine Larbalestier
(who, for anyone that's interested, is the wife of Scott Westerfeld).

Magic or Madness is about Reason Cansino, a girl who has been brought up by
her (crazy, paranoid) mother as they ran around the Australian outback
trying to escape Reason's Evil Grandmother, who is a witch. Except there's
no such thing as magic, is there? The crazy mother gets institutionalised
and Reason is sent to live with Evil Grandmother. Except, there IS such a
thing as magic. So does that mean that the grandmother isn't evil?

I'm not going to go any more into the plot (spoilers abound), but the New
York/Sydney thing is fantastic. The think I like the most about this series
is the way that magic is not a gift, or a privilege. It's a burden. It has
very real consequences, and people who can do magic have to pay a terrible
price. There's no easy out.

Magic Lessons is even better than MorM. Much darker and twisty. I'm hanging
out for book 3, Magic's Child.

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I am no big contributor to this list (semi-lurker I guess would be the best
I could hope for) but it IS a great list for books, authors and other

Two new books to wait for (not even counting The Pinhoe Egg, as it is far
too on-topic) mentioned in just a few posts - a new Tiffany Aching AND a
Jasper Fforde!

I'm not sure which list I can thank but this list is certainly partly
responsible for my Pratchett and Bujold collections. I don't think the four
- no, five - Ffordes can count as a collection.

Like widdy I read the early Pratchetts (Color of Magic, Light Fantastic)
many a long year ago and couldn't be bothered with any more. Now I have
all - although not all in HB. I think the Guards series may be a good
starter. They all need to be reread in light of later (or prior) knowledge,
anyway. I do enjoy Pyramids too. I am a bit too squeamish for Small Gods.
Melissa is truly fortunate if she is (or is to be) Granny Weatherwax. I
I am Magrat (at best) or one of the rival young witches in Lancre. But not
Perdita, unfortunately.

Re Bujold: I have sort of stopped. I don't have Winterfair Gifts, and I've
recently bought Diplomatic Immunity, but haven't opened it. Not sure why -
perhaps the opportunity for an uninterrupted read has not yet arrived. I
bought and started Curse of Chalion and have gone no further, although my
son (15) has read the next one and enjoyed. Perhaps I could get the third
for his birthday next month.

On other fronts I am enjoying 'Corydon and the Monsters' by Tobias Druitt
(but really an 8 year old child and his mother, who is a
sometimes-girlsowner), and 'The Betrayal of Bindie MacKenzie' by Jaclyn
Moriarty and I'm waiting impatiently for the book which should follow
or Madness' by Justine Larbalestier. I really enjoyed this last one which
really  original and operates in Sydney and New York, with a great sense of
place for both of them. Perhaps someone who is better at reviewing books
(Judith?, Robyn?, please don't get cross if I've forgotten someone else?)
could give a better idea of it.

Anita (in Perth, Australia)

> > Melissa Proffitt
> > (who placed her pre-order three weeks ago)
> I always order Pratchetts as soon as I hear about
> them and they turn up on Amazon.co.uk.
> Speaking of Amazon.co.uk, I'm reading _The Fourth
> Bear_, Jasper Fforde's latest, at the moment.

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