[DWJ] Pratchet recommendations

Aimee Smith aimees001 at netspace.net.au
Wed Jul 26 07:14:45 EDT 2006

... And if you're feeling angry at war or gender roles, 'Monstrous  
Regiment' is quite serious and touching compared to his other works  
and stands alone. ('adult')
All my favouritest favourites have been mentioned... ie Tiffany  
Aching and The Witches... Ook... CURRY... The Silver Horde...  
I LOVE the beginning of Wee Free Men! His commentary on education is  
sooo accurate!
Aimee the pleasantly Pratchetised, who, when her students whinge at  
her that English is irrelevant as they're all going to be builders,  
should tell them what was pinned to that little black tent...

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