[DWJ] Pratchett Convert

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Wed Jul 26 02:14:07 EDT 2006

Hah. I've been procrastinating and neglecting finishing the write up of the
interview I conducted a week ago with Pratchett. I suppose the universe is
trying to tell me something with this thread. But anyway, Elizabeth wrote:

>Another reason to read them in order if you can:
>Mr. Pratchett claims that there are no errors, but there
>are some alternate pasts.  To the untutored mind, these
>look like inconsistencies.  They look that way to the
>tutored mind as well, but we forgive him because we
>love him.

As long as I have the sound file open on my desktop anyway - here's the bit
of interview that's slightly relevant to this (I asked the question because
the book that's coming out in Hebrew right now is a relatively old one, "Men
at Arms"):

Me: "Do you still remember all the old books?"
T.P.: "Of COURSE I remember them. I mean, the fine points of plot might
escape me by now..."
Me: "Do you resort to charts and the like, to keep track of all the
T.P. (laughs out loud): "No, it's all done by my memory. And I take the view
that if I misremember, then it is my privilege. But the fans actually put me
right, and if I'm a little uncertain of something, I always ask!"

Further on the subject of Terry Pratchett's memory, he claimed to remember
*me*, as an audience member in a little meet-the-author session conducted
ten years ago at Harvard. I find it near on impossible that he could
actually remember me, but I was touched and flattered that he would even
bother trying (or pretending) to remember. And now I really will go finish
up writing the interview, the bulk of which is already done, and it really
shouldn't have taken this long, such a lazy girl, tsk tsk.

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