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Bless you all.

I love the fact that I got so many different responses. Really, I do.

I decided this afternoon to go with "The Wee, Free Men" - drawn, perhaps, by
the similarity of the design between it and "Maurice".

As I said, undoubtedly I'll read them all. But it's good to have some idea
of where the rest of you would start.



On 7/25/06, O. Elizabeth Perry <ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com> wrote:
> On Jul 25, 2006, at 6:54 PM, Elizabeth G. Holtrop wrote:
> > I've only read a few Pratchetts. <snip>
> > I loved Night Watch but I got the feeling I was missing a
> > lot of what  was going on.
> You definitely were.  All the previous books with Sam Vimes
> and the Watch, all the previous books with the faculty of
> Unseen University, all the previous books with the Sweeper.
> It really helps to read them all in order once you get
> hooked.  It took him the first four or so to get into
> his stride, and his stride has led him down some interesting
> paths.  So I think it's useful to read them as much in
> order as you can, starting with _Mort_.
> Another reason to read them in order if you can:
> Mr. Pratchett claims that there are no errors, but there
> are some alternate pasts.  To the untutored mind, these
> look like inconsistencies.  They look that way to the
> tutored mind as well, but we forgive him because we
> love him.
> Some notes about what happens in the first four, in case
> you're going to skip them at first:
> The first four involve Rincewind, a cowardly and incom-
> petent wizard.  [He turns up in some of the later ones
> as well.]  They also have a lot of ideas that were more
> fully developed later.
> The first one, _The Colour of Magic_, is mostly parodies
> of some other writers, including McCaffrey.  The second,
> _The Light Fantastic_, completes the story and contains
> one of his most outrageous puns. [I believe _Soul Music_
> has the other.  That's my humble opinion, of course.]
> It also introduces, very briefly, the Librarian, but don't
> worry. You'll learn what you need to know about the
> Librarian somewhere along the way.  And you, too, will
> understand why the lady at the con in _Deep Secret_ is
> wearing a t-shirt that says "OOK".
> The third one, Equal Rites, introduces Granny Weatherwax,
> who grew into a very important person in later books.
> And the fourth, _Sourcery_, has a lot more about magic.
> > <snip> I look forward to reading Guards, Guards and some
> > others, if I can get my hands on them.  For some reason,
> > my libraries are low on Pratchett.
> Complain.  Moan.  Lament.  They're all readily available in
> paperback, I believe, so that your library doesn't have to
> spend tons of money.  Or you can try inter-library loan.
> For a complete list, in order of publication, you can go
> to:
> http://www.colin-smythe.com/discworldpages/dwindex.htm
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