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I thought the review read like something DWJ made fun of in Tough Guide, 
but Melissa likes it... Too much contradictory information. Brain may 


Melissa Proffitt wrote:

>I was highly impressed by Brandon Sanderson's first book, _Elantris_, and I
>should be getting _Mistborn_ soon.  (It was only just published in the last
>week or so, and I'm a cheapskate.)  It was very difficult to explain the
>plot of _Elantris_ sufficiently, so the, um, unintelligibility of the above
>review (Publishers Weekly, BTW) is probably fair.  Sanderson has this weird
>thing about names--they make sense within the book, but when they're first
>presented, they seem really really stupid.  In _Elantris_, the characters
>from a certain country all had very difficult-to-pronounce, stupid-looking
>names; it was incongruous in what is otherwise a surprisingly mature first
>novel.  Then you realize that all of the names have as a root a magical
>syllable that has symbolic meaning.  So it makes sense, but I don't think
>Sanderson sounds out his names before he writes them.  :)
>I'd love to hear if anyone else has read _Elantris_ and what you think.
>It's been the source of some controversy in my reading group--i.e. some
>people think it's awful, and I think they're crazy.
>Melissa Proffitt
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