[DWJ] Howl's Moving Castle movie

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Jul 24 14:08:27 EDT 2006

>On Sun, 23 Jul 2006, Otter Perry wrote:
>> However, I decided that, much as I like the movie*, it's not a very
>> good movie of the book.  The themes explored differ too much, I
>> think.

Paul wrote:

>I am reminded P L Travers' remark about film adaptations often
>resembling the book only in the same way that a sausage resembles
>another sausage with the same skin but different stuffing.

A while ago I wrote of the HMC movie "I wasn't looking at it as being
anything to do with the book, because I wasn't expecting it to be anything
to do with the book -- I've found that attitude saves me from aggravation
when I see films of a book I like."

It simply can't be done, taking a book with a several-hour reading time and
fitting it all into even a two-hour film adaptation.  Bits have to be cut
out, and for some people it will always be the bits they cared about that
have gone.

Even the marathon LotR film experience misses whole sections of the books;
I know people who are really put out because Tom Bombadil isn't there
(which I don't mind particularly) and nor are the Barrow Wights (about
which I do care because they seem to me to be the rite of passage from
soft-Shire-hobbits on a walking tour to desperate-armed-hobbits who will
kill to survive); it varies from person to person which omissions really
upset one, and which additions or interpretations make one hopping mad.

Which is to say that I agree with Otter: I like the film, but only so long
as I don't start to compare it with the book, which I prefer.


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