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> So I'll just add that it sounds as if Short's isn't a book about a
> particular set text, and in that case I do slightly feel that Short might
> have had the grace to have refrained from giving away an ending that is the
> crux of a book: he could have found another example to use, I would have
> thought, unless the subject was quite specifically "totally unexpected
> twists at the end", in which case someone is bound to have not-yet-read at
> least one of the examples.

Apparently Short's point was about unreliable narrators - which also tends
to give away the plot, so I guess he was damned whatever he referred to, as
Minnow says. Though he seems to think this is a common feature of mystery
books, which slightly puzzles me. I can't immediately think of others. His
other example was a narrator who was not to be relied on for the truth
rather one who was actually telling lies.

By the way, did anyone else see that DWJ had a letter printed in the
Independent re her reported demise?


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