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On 22/7/06 20:25, "rohina at shaw.ca" <rohina at shaw.ca> wrote:

>> My daughter is doing an Open University degree, studying linguistics, and
>> one of the set books does that very thing (Exploring the language of poems,
>> plays and prose by Mick Short, in case you want to avoid it). She told us
>> about it in great indignation the other day. But I guess academic books are
>> like that!
> Good academic books aren't. But, hey, thanks for the lovely assumption
> about academic readers all being jerks.

I most certainly did not man to imply that - more that academic discussion
of anything might tend to assume knowledge. I know on the child_lit list
there are regular  discussions about the need or otherwise for spoilers, and
usually the consensus is that while it is considerate for newly published
books it is unnecessary for books which have been out for several years, and
certainly Roger Ackroyd falls into that category.

Apologies to anyone who feels I was criticising academics.

Elizabeth Bentley
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