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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 21 03:37:17 EDT 2006

--- Margaret Ball <margaret at onr.com> wrote:

> On the eve of departing for Paris with #2 daughter,
> I have discovered 
> (to my horror) that there are now tours of Paris
> based on the events of 
> TdVC.
> This repugnates me. If Sarah and I do anything
> remotely tour-related, 
> it'll be one of those nice boat trips along the
> Seine.
I was in Paris recently* (and did the boat trip down
the Seine). When in the Louvre looking at That
Painting I was completely overcome by the urge to say,
in a reasonably load voice, "Oh yes! its so obvious
now, I can see that Jesus went to the south of France
with Mary and founded the Merovingian dynasty, it's
all quite clear when you actually see the painting"
I also said in a Peter Cook voice "it must be a real
masterpiece, the eyes follow you around the room"
* July 10 for the boat trip and 13 for seeing Mona.

Jon - now back home and trying to work through almost
a thousand messages posted to the list while away.

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