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estairm at yahoo.com estairm at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 22:38:47 EDT 2006

> On 21/7/06 1:20 AM, "deborah.dwj at suberic.net"
> <deborah.dwj at suberic.net>
> wrote:
> > 
> > -deborah, who has the Pinhoe Egg in her bag RIGHT

--- Judith Ridge <Judith.Ridge at det.nsw.edu.au> wrote: 
> You know we all hate you now.

Ahem.  Some of us are quite happy for you and hope you
finish it soon and maybe lend it out to the deserving
among us so we can read it soon, too.

Esther (who is not sucking up in a disgusting way, but
rather remembering the Ten Sayings (You shall not
covet your neighbor's Pinhoe Egg) and hinting
delicately that virtue doesn't HAVE to be its own

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