[DWJ] Turntables of the Night (was: RE: Insomnia)

Charles Butler charlescbutler at btinternet.com
Thu Jul 20 12:50:28 EDT 2006

Otter Perry <ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com> wrote:  
On Jul 19, 2006, at 11:34 PM, Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:

>> That's the one about obsessive collectors, isn't it?
>> With (non-spoilery) the character whose Beatles collection can be
>> assumed to have grown substantially since the story was first
>> published?
> Precisely. The character who in past couple of years seems to have 
> taken an
> interest in Israeli music, more's the pity.

That character has always had a pretty good collection from
western Asia. The eastern end of the Mediterranean? Whatever
it's properly called...

[There _must_ be a PC expression for that
region Brits and Americans ethnocentrically call the Middle


The mome rath isn't born that could
outgrabe me.

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