[DWJ] Insomnia

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 19 09:36:59 EDT 2006

Insomnia does indeed suck and under you're
circumstances I'm not at all surprised you're
suffering Gili. One of my getting to sleep
techniques is to try to summon up that state of
mind you get when you're too comfy to get up in
the morning........... I tell myself that in five
minutes I'm going to get up and do housework, the
washing up I was leaving till the morning perhaps
or cleaning the kitchen floor. Nine times out of
ten I find myself going "Noooooooooo! let me
sleeeeeeeeeep" before snuggling down and dropping
off. The tenth time I actually get up and do
something useful. 

Yes, you do have good taste in books and I wish
you luck with all your projects. Fwiw I too think
Leviathan has something, I hope you do translate it.


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