[DWJ] Insomnia

Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
Wed Jul 19 07:52:29 EDT 2006

It's true what they say about things looking better in the morning.

I've reread what I wrote and many of your comments, and I have to agree that
the things keeping me busy and stressed are almost all lovely and
interesting things that I really enjoy doing. I probably am overworked, but
right now I'm nowhere near as unhappy about it as I was last night. It's all
a matter of perspective. Plus which my husband called a DIFFERENT plumber
yesterday, and he's been and fixed the leaky faucet. (And been payed an
exorbitant sum. I'd say I'm in the wrong profession, except, harkening back
to the first sentence of this paragraph, I love my current profession.)

Nice to have the bunch of you to fall back on, and thanks for the words of
support. Really I was more temporarily overwhelmed than depressed, I think
I've seen enough depression firsthand to know the difference. In any case I
feel MUCH better today. I'm leaning more and more towards believing the
medication was responsible. I've come to think that several more of the
subtle side-effects seem to apply to me in past week, for instance loss of
appetite (which was actually nice for my diet...) though this might be
autosuggestion. I think it was Elizabeth who said something about having bad
reactions to birth control pills: I'm afraid those are what triggered my
migraines in the first place, though I haven't taken them for years and the
migraines are still around. Every time I tried a different type of pill my
migraines would change: one pill gave me short migraines (only a few hours
or so) that were excruciatingly painful, another type of pill with a
different blend of hormones made the pain much milder, but protracted over
several days, once even more than a fortnight. The only times since I
started having migraines that I've been relatively migraine-free were when I
was pregnant and for a few months while I was nursing. It almost makes one
want to have more babies. Except that the main trigger for my migraines
nowadays is too little sleep, and babies don't really cooperate with that...

As for the interview with Terry Pratchett, he was lovely, and very
interesting and insightful. I thought he'd be cracking jokes most of the
time, but he was more philosophical than funny for the most part. He did kid
me quite a bit though, about the fact that none of my "questions" were
actually phrased as questions. It was more throwing out a topic and letting
him discuss it. I plead guilty as charged. Now I have to find some way of
boiling down 45 minutes of interview to something short and publishable.
Hrmph. Ob-DWJ: the first peice of writing by Terry Pratchett I ever read was
the story "Turntables of the Night" in a collection edited by Diana Wynne
Jones. In fact I think it was my favorite story in the collection.


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