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Tue Jul 18 22:16:09 EDT 2006

Dear Gili,

I am halfway through a two year MFA Creative Writing program, and have spent
a lot of the past year reading people's writing.  I have also taught writing
to 9-12 year olds at an academic summer camp, and done a few free lance
editing jobs (not for publishing houses, but for people preparing
manuscripts to submit), and I really liked that Leviathan book.  Which is to
say, if you ever have some or all of it you want read and commented on, I
would love to.

you've got a crazy lot on your plate, and migraines suck; I have strange
reactions to medications, too.  birth control pills usually make me
incredibly depressed and it sucks.  My mother used to have a big problem
with migraines, and has had very good luck by giving up or cutting down on a
lot of foods that spike her blood sugar--less sugar, white flour, etc.
which is the only thing I know about that might help migraines at all.

hang in there.


2006/7/18, Otter Perry <ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com>:
> On Jul 18, 2006, at 4:56 PM, Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:
> > Hello DWJers. I can't sleep.
> Goodness gracious.
> I didn't sleep last night either, and spent part of the time
> worrying, but don't have anything anywhere near as
> interesting to worry about.
> > I can't sleep, and yet tomorrow morning I need to be somewhat focused
> > as I
> > call Terry Pratchett and interview him over the telephone, to promote
> > his
> > latest book which has been translated into Hebrew. Yet another reason
> > to be
> > antsy, but in a good way. I'm worried that I haven't actually finished
> > reading the book, even though none of the questions I want to ask are
> > directly related to the book but rather general questions about the
> > wonderfulness of Terry Pratchett. And I'm worried that my questions
> > will be
> > trite, or arrogant, or annoying, or too fannish, or go over the heads
> > of the
> > general public of not-necessarily-Pratchett-fanatics that will end up
> > reading the interview.
> I've always had the impression that if you're moderately familiar with
> his work -- that is, if you're not saying 'so what's this Discworld all
> about anyway?' -- that he's a pretty cool guy to interview.
> I am myself a Pratchett -- well, 'fan' doesn't begin to describe it.
> > I've applied and been accepted at Roehampton University in
> > London, starting spring 2007 (fall 2006 is too soon, fall 2007 will be
> > too
> > late because I'll probably have to translate the next Harry Potter by
> > then,
> > and also because every little delay makes transferring the children
> > more
> > difficult). But if we're really going to be relocating to London, my
> > husband
> > is going to need a work permit and a job, and we'll need to find a
> > flat, and
> > kindergarten for the children, and massive funding, and someone to
> > adopt our
> > cat... AAAAAAAAGHHH. Just to much to think about.
> Good luck.
> > Not to mention there's a war now, which is just too awful to even think
> > about.
> Not to mention.  I hope you and your family will stay safe.  And that
> all this weirdness will stop.
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