[DWJ] A revelation of Time City

Elizabeth G. Holtrop elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com
Mon Jul 17 14:18:31 EDT 2006

deborah.dwj at suberic.net wrote:
  > (On an entirely unrelated note, that construction I used in 
  > the first sentence: "I don't think". Does anyone else use it? 
  > I'm trying to figure out if that's a regional dialect saying 
  > or me just talking like a freak.)
  I use the "I don't think" double negative at times and only ever  vaguely considered that it was in fact a double negative.  After  moving to Indiana, USA, when I was six years old, my parents spent more  time trying to convince me and my siblings not to say "That door needs  shut," and less time on the finer points of linguistics.

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