[DWJ] A revelation of Time City

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Jul 17 06:16:54 EDT 2006

Paul wrote:

>I've been randomly adding stuff to the Time City section of the DWJ
>wiki, because they hadn't been touched for a while and I wanted
>something to do. (And now I want to re-read the book, so that I can
>continue more systematically and because I'm starting to remember all
>the bits I enjoyed first time around.)
>What I wanted to say, though, is that partway through I suddenly
>realised why Vivian's tutor is named Dr Wilander. (But I can't tell
>you, because of spoiler.)

I would dearly like to have some sort of guidance about spoilers.

If it's a new book and some of the list won't have had a chance to buy/read
it yet, then sure, giving away the ending is a spoiler and one might want
to leave a long space so those who want to can not-read that bit of the
post, but Time City has been out for what, twenty years or so, and surely
by now the people on this list will have read it?  It may even be older
than some of the people here!  If we haven't read DWJ we wouldn't be here
anyway, is my feeling.

So what makes a need for not discussing the older books without warning of
spoilers, and how can they be discussed without mentioning the things that
happen near the end of the book, or that one only realises when one has
finished reading it?  I really don't know what lines need to be drawn or

I'm on a list that religiously discusses, one per month in rotation and on
a "these chapters this week" basis, each book by a particular auther who
has been dead for thirty years so there are no new ones.  One isn't
supposed to mention things that happen later in the book than the chapters
for that week, and it drives me almost nuts because one simply cannot have
a reasonable discussion of only part of the work at a time, except on the
most superficial level.  Even more illogically, every book by that author
is open for use as examples of similar circumstances in other books or a
different treatment of the same theme, *except the later chapters of the
book actually under discussion*, and nobody puts spoiler-space for the
giving away of the endings of the other books.  One might assume that
people who love an author enough to join a group devoted to discussing his
or her works over and over again in rotation might have read them, or at
least I might assume it.

Deborah, what are the guidelines?  What constitutes a spoiler and what's
just a discussion-point?  If someone suddenly notices something about a DWJ
book, may they not share it with us even if it involves the end of the book
or some underlying cleverness that not everyone would see at first reading?

Waaaah, in fact.


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