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Thu Jul 13 12:15:21 EDT 2006

Dorian replied to my Hendry post:

> To me, it reads (from your synopsis, at least), more like the moral is
> "if you do weird or unusual things you will freak all the mundaners
> out and they will shun you until they find some way of taming the
> weirdness".  Which, frankly, I don't find any more encouraging than
> your interpretation.


> It may not be deliberate preaching on the author's part, but the story
> has to mean *something* to her, on some level, and it does sound
> suspiciously as if she fears and distrusts the unusual or the
> wonderful.

Thank you.  That is an excellent way of putting it.

But it raises the question: why, if DH doesn't like the unusual or
wonderful, does she write about it?  And she writes about it pretty
well, too.

It occurs to me that her description of Jenkins' experiences with the
piece of star makes it sound a bit as though he's a drug user.  I

I also notice a very small note of hope at the end of the book that
lifts my depression a little, but not enough.  Suffice it to say that
the star's influence is still being felt in a very small way.

> I may have to seek out this book just so I can read it for myself and
> see if there's any other possible interpretation.  Is it a recent
> release?

First published 1989.  This copy appears to be a first edition, so I
have no information on subsequent publishing history.

Now, what we would do on BookCrossing at this point is offer it up on a
"book ray" - an arrangement whereby you set up a list of people who get
the book in turn.  So here goes...

Anyone who wants to read it please e-mail me off list with your name,
location, and where you're prepared to ship it.  I'll work out a route
and send it on its way.

(No need to give me your address.  The usual arrangement is that each
person asks the next on the list for his/her address when it's ready to
move on.)

The normal thing to do is to log on to BookCrossing.com and confirm
receipt, review the book, etc.  There is no need to identify yourself,
so unless you feel really strongly against this, I'd encourage people to
do so.  Among other things, this collects all the reviews in one place.


PS I have similar feelings about "Gobbolino the Witch's Cat" by Ursula
Moray Williams, who ought to know better...

(I sha'n't be going out and buying Rainbow Fish, but I might thumb
through it in a bookshop...)
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