[DWJ] OT: Diana Hendry

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Jul 13 07:12:35 EDT 2006

>This is also the reason I hate "The Giving Tree." When I ran the children's
>department of a book store I would keep as few of these on the shelf as I
>possibly could, sometimes hide them, and never - never - recommend it or
>point it out unless someone asked for it specifically.
>Ugh. What a horrible message.

Just the book I was thinking of too.  I guess I wouldn't go so far as 
to accuse Silverstein of having *deliberately* written a book with 
the message that it's a good and glorious thing for women to give 
until they've nothing left to give (and are no longer themselves) to 
the males they love, no matter how unworthy.  And as far as I 
remember it, his poetry is fun and entirely different.  But that's 
one nasty book.  I was trying to explain why it was Bad to someone 
(male and Mexican-American) and he didn't get it until I told him to 
imagine the tree was Mexican-American and the boy non-Hispanic white. 
That worked.


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