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Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Wed Jul 12 13:47:52 EDT 2006

Philip said...

>I found a horribly depressing children's book at the BookCrossing
>national meet-up in Birmingham.  The book is called "The Carey Street
>Cat" by Diana Hendry, and... well, here's my review of it:

<synopsis snipped>

>So, what do people think?  Am I over-reacting?  Do you think this is
>deliberate preaching on Hendry's part?  If not, what possessed her to
>write such a book?

To me, it reads (from your synopsis, at least), more like the moral is "if 
you do weird or unusual things you will freak all the mundaners out and they 
will shun you until they find some way of taming the weirdness".  Which, 
frankly, I don't find any more encouraging than your interpretation.

It may not be deliberate preaching on the author's part, but the story has 
to mean *something* to her, on some level, and it does sound suspiciously as 
if she fears and distrusts the unusual or the wonderful.

I may have to seek out this book just so I can read it for myself and see if 
there's any other possible interpretation.  Is it a recent release?

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